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Do you often find it difficult to find the right shirt that will suit you? Everyone knows that when you are shopping for clothes, it is always for done for the sole purpose of looking good when wearing it. So what do you know about  men’s dress shirts? Here you will find out what men’s dress shirts are and how you can wear one to look stunning. 


Everything You Need to Know about Men’s Shirts

Men’s shirts are designed to be worn with a jacket or tie. However, it can also be worn without the jacket or the tie, and even without either one of these. Men’s shirts have always been worn as an undergarment for many outfits for men. The reason why the latest fashion trends allow you to wear men’s shirts without a jacket or tie is the new designs. Today, men’s dress shirts have a variety of colors and patterns that can suit any style a man desires. 

When shopping for men’s shirts, the first thing you always notice is the color and patterns of the shirt. The color of the shirt or pattern it has somewhat defines the style of the man. White is the most common color for men’s shirts because of its versatility. You can wear a white men’s shirt without a tie or jacket and still look stylish. It is also the most common color for formal attires to match formal parties or even job interviews. The second most popular color among men is blue. The color itself is easy on the eyes and is quite flattering for men. These two colors alone are a necessity to have in one’s wardrobe. 

Dress shirts are often designed with a collar, and the main purpose of the collar is to frame the man’s face. There are two types of designs that a collar usually have. The turndown collars offer more style for men. This type of collar forms a triangle giving the wearer more styles to wear the shirt. The point collar is the most popular style. The points of the buttons are close enough to even cover and hide the top part of a tie. 

Finally, completing the common design for  shirt for men, are the shirt cuffs. The most versatile and most common cuffs that shirts for men have are the button cuffs. These are the type of cuffs that are wrapped around the arm and hold into place with a single button. Some men’s shirt offer more buttons to adjust the fitting of the cuffs on the man’s wrist. For formal attires, the best choice would be to have two buttonholes and two vertical buttons. This type of cuffs is called the barrel cuffs. The sole purpose of having these extra buttons is to prevent exposing the man’s wrists. With these key points in mind, it will be much easier for you to determine the type of men’s dress shirt you will likely use to match your style.

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