Handcrafted one of a kind

reflect who you are

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Handcrafted one of a kind

reflect who you are

Handcrafted for moguls

Our shoes are created to be different, to honor the tradition of shoe craftsmanship; the spirit and values still remain through Chêne Du Paris.

Each shoe meticulously crafted, we continue to test the boundaries of shoemaking embodying the timeless elegance of true craftsmanship. Our unique and exclusive handcrafted designs are created to transform the rules of luxury fashion. From start to finish, with the hands of master artisan skills crafting the shoe, to the highest quality materials; our commitment is to produce an unparalleled highest quality footwear that is made to last.

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set trends don't follow them

Our shoes relinquish the power of style and self-expression to the gentlemen wearing our meticulously detailed pieces. A gentleman that believes in the virtues of an elegant life, that has a style “all his own”, free from the dictum of trendsetters. His values gained through the resistance of a society ready to wear mediocre fashion. He sets trends, does not ever follow.

Passionate about what goes into making a quality pair of shoes, the art, tradition, and mastery of skills passed on from generations. A gentleman looking for an innovative piece to his style, a balance between past and present, something memorable and lasting.

With Chêne Du Paris, what you wear is an expression of self, is a reflection of who you are. You are the creator and Chêne Du Paris helps you craft your individualism.

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 All our shoes are true size.
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 All our shoes are standard D width.
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