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Dress shoes have a lot of qualities and can range from hand-crafted shoes to match your tuxedo, to casual designs for less formal parties. Paying attention to every detail of the shoe is essential in looking for your men’s shoes. To help you find the perfect men’s dress shoes, here are some things you should do to shorten your time finding the right pair.


Tips in Finding the Right Men’s Dress Shoes

The visual aspect of the shoes for men is typically the most common deciding factor in finding the right pair. Simply looking at the leather to match your preferences should be taken into account. The design alone can help you understand whether the shoe will match your attire and style or not. Dress shoes can also have squared toes to narrow pointed toes. This will again have to do with your preference and more specifically your toes. The shape that will be most comfortable for you to wear must always be your main priority. There is not exact shape or size in men’s dress shoes.

Men’s shoes often have heels and they vary in height to match each pair. There is a very fine line when identifying a shoe’s heel is too high or just right. Dress shoes with an inch or lower should be your main targets as it’s more comfortable than having the heel any higher than an inch. Having heels that may be too high can affect your stature and you may even appear to be wearing shoe lifts that will affect your overall style. Although most men’s dress shoes have a heel, there are still some shoes that do not. This will again depend on your preference and choice of attire in the end.

The main factor that can help you choose the right pair is to know what type of event you will be wearing them for. If you plan on wearing your men’s shoes for formal or business occasions, then laces that stick up is often a great choice. Laced shoes often to give you that professional look while dress shoes that don’t show laces can be used for less formal events.

When it comes to deciding the color of your men’s shoes, you should always consider what suit or attire you usually wear. If you often wear brown clothes then brown shoes will be an ideal choice. However, if you prefer to buy a single pair and want to make it versatile to match almost any attire you want, then black color shoes will be better.  It’s all about balancing these aspects to ensure that you are comfortable and stylish while wearing them. 

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