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Are you planning to buy new footwear, but don’t know whether to get  men’s shoes or boots? It’s not surprising that most men often find it difficult to choose between the two types. Considering how they will look wearing the shoes or boots, and what attire they will be wearing to go with the pair can be a daunting task. Here are some features you should take into account before choosing which type suits you best.


Key Features to Consider


The weight is the primary feature that can help you decide which to wear. Some men find it uncomfortable to wear shoes that are heavy. In general,  men’s boots will often be heavier than shoes. This is mainly because men’s boots have a higher cut that usually covers your ankles. Men’s boots will require more material and are often crafted with thicker soles. 

How the footwear of your choice can support you for your activity is another feature you should consider. Protection and support is important to ensure that you are comfortable wearing the shoes or boots for the type of event you have planned. Dress  shoes for men  are often designed for formal activities and some even allows you to wear them with casual attire. They are also effective for long walks and are perfect for almost any occasion. Boots on the other hand, offer more protection when it comes to walking on rough surfaces. Since the soles are usually designed to be stiffer, walking on rocky surfaces can have less impact on your feet.

Once you’ve decided on which type of footwear will be more effective for your event, the next key feature you should look for is the style of the footwear. Handmade shoes and  boots for men are made of the finest material that not only makes them more durable, but also provide a more stylish look. Men’s dress shoes are often designed for suits. But nowadays, a new trend enables you to wear dress shoes with almost any attire. 

When it comes to fashion styles, boots will not fall behind. Boots always give you a unique aura and can definitely catch people’s attention. Boots are originally designed for protecting your foot from water, snow, or any hazardous industrial materials. Now, boots offer you more style and is even hitting the fashion industry with a lot more attire choices to combine them with. 

Whether you plan on choosing men’s shoes or boots, they both will definitely be footwear that you must have in your inventory. Getting both types will give you more options to choose the attire you want to match them with and what occasion you plan on using them for.

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