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Men’s dress slippers are a controversial style of footwear that is currently shaking up the men’s footwear industry. When you hear someone saying that they are going to wear dress slippers, it usually brings up a lot of question marks as to what that is. Initially, these dress slippers were designed for Victorian men that are hosting a formal dinner party in their homes. It is a dress slipper that they can easily wear with comfort while entertaining their guests. However, over the past decade, the industry has pushed dress slippers as everyday footwear that can match almost any style.


What are Men’s Dress Slippers?

A dress slipper is defined by its obvious slip on style just like an ordinary slipper. The difference is that instead of comfy cotton designs, dress slippers are hand crafted and made with the same material as men’s dress shoes. Dress slippers are textured in appearance which makes it look like an informal yet luxurious footwear. They are comfortable to wear and are versatile if you want to match them with different attires.

The most common style of dress slippers are the loafers. Loafers have wide range of versatility from formality to casual. The main benefits of loafers are its ability to be slipped on and off with ease. It has no buckles or laces that can take a few minutes to tie or untie. It’s pretty casual when it comes to the majority of its designs in the market. Finally, loafers are convenient because they are often made with various materials to suit the wearer’s taste and comfort in dress slippers.

When choosing your dress slippers, the main feature you should always look at is how well your feet will fit in them. Dress slippers are usually worn without socks, so if you plan on shopping for one try to wear thin socks. If you plan on shopping for them online, then it’s usually advisable to choose a pair that is one size down from your regular choice. This is initially due to the fact that you don’t need socks to wear them.  You should also consider the manufacturer of the dress slippers as different dress slippers have different sizing standards. In order to avoid mistakes, have your actual size measurements in order to easily compare the sizes from different brands.

The color of the dress slippers is often another challenge when choosing the right pair. Just like dress shoes, dress slippers have a variety of colors that can match your style. If you don’t plan on making a fashion statement, then you should stick to the common conservative colors which are black, brown, navy, and grey.

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